Gait analysis. Invaluable to the Podiatrist. Informative for the patient.

Gait analysis is an invaluable tool in the accurate diagnosis of chronic lower limb injuries. In the field of sports injuries especially, this technique is of particular use. The abnormal and/or excessive movement that occurs during some sporting activities can produce high stresses within the joints and on soft tissue structures, resulting in the symptoms of injury.

Patients often have symptoms that only appear during or immediately after their chosen sport. Only by very carefully observing the patient's movement can an accurate diagnosis be achieved. The subsequent corrective treatment is thus more precise and focused.

Explanation of the frame by frame analysis on the video is very useful for the patient, in terms of understanding their own biomechanical dysfunction condition. Once treatment is initiated patients understand the objectives of the treatment and give far more accurate feedback on review than a patient with no understanding of what the corrective devices are meant to achieve.

Image showing the a person and thier bones while in motion
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